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In the Asian or Chinese history over 2000 years, the deer antler velvet and other deer by-products such as deer tails, deer pizzles and deer sinew (or tendon) are known to be the most powerful and effective health products.

They are used in all traditional Chinese medicine for treating minor disease and preventing disease over a wide range of body systems. They improve immune system, natural aphrodisiac, arthristis and joint pain, enhance fertility and antioxidant, reduce free radical in the body and aid cancer prevention.

deer antler

The Health Benefits of Deer Antler

DEER ANTLERS provide the following benefits to your health:
Warning: high blood pressure cannot use this product and very small amount can be used for kids.

deer tail

The Health Benefits of Deer Tails

deer sinew

The Health Benefits of Deer Sinew

deer pizzle

The Health Benefits of Deer Pizzles


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